I create prints and/as objects.

I find myself working at the boundaries of what I do not understand. My research is driven by interests in the intersections of: The Printed Object, The Archive, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Chance. I employ the visual alchemy of printmaking, drawing, and photographic materials to create forms that evoke an experiential and emotional viewing – understood through the meditative act of looking.

Portals is a multi-component project exploring color, chemistry and psychological perception. Portals is made of three sections: 1. Portals: a series of print variations of a repeated circular form intended to explore how the viewer perceives variations in texture, surface, color, image, and time; 2. Manual: a catalog of Portals, including a photographic reference and the materials and procedures to create each printed object; and 3. Footnotes: a fictional archive of prints related to astronomy, exploring outer space / the unknown, and technologies related to military strategies / the transmission of information, providing context for Portals.

Each Portal is made with the principle of photograms - a substrate blocking the action of a material. Portals utilizes light and pressure, typically in combination with each other, to create the endless variations. Each sheet of paper is coated with an emulsion or mixture of varying composition, printed on using photogram, monoprinting and collograph techniques, drawn on, and/or physically altered to achieve each unique print. Some prints are simple, with only one exposure or action, whereas some are complicated with many layers of physical manipulations.

Footnotes is a living collection of prints - existing as iterations. Footnotes is fluid in its form: a set of prints on the wall; an unbound book in a clamshell box; an installation of prints, objects, and documents. Footnotes are the counterpart to Portals; an archive made to be seen in relation to the primarily content-less Portals.

My work tends to feed itself in a cyclical way: one thing leading to the next. Portals are created with an initial material concern, but yield a provocation of perception. Portals lead to the research and development of the series Footnotes – sourcing imagery and material that I felt related back to the visual qualities found in each Portal. While in return, digging through archives of images and documents re-inspires a search for the next Portal.