I create prints and/as objects.

I find myself working at the boundaries of what I do not understand. My work is driven by interests in the intersections of Chemistry, Astronomy and The Printed Object. I employ the visual alchemy of printmaking, drawing, and photographic materials to create forms that evoke an experiential and emotional viewing – understood through the meditative act of looking.

Portals is a multi-component project exploring color, chemistry and psychological perception. Portals is made of three sections: 1. Portals: a series of print variations of a repeated circular form intended to explore how the viewer perceives variations in texture, surface, color, image, and time; 2. Manual: a catalog of Portals, including a photographic reference and the materials and procedures to create each printed object; and 3. Footnotes: a living collection of prints made from archives, both personal and public, exploring the other worldly, space technologies and the evolution of the V-2 rocket, which provides context and influences to Portals.