Citizen Gallery, Richmond, Virginia

A new selection of Portals just went up at Citizen in Richmond, VA! Thank you to Sage RVA curator Megan Nolde for putting this all together. The show is up from February 7 - March 30, 2019. Opening Reception on Feb 7 from 5:30 - 7:30pm! Come out and grab a drink while you see the work.

1:00 pm

1:00 pm

3:20 pm

3:20 pm

8:10 pm

8:10 pm

Portals - Exhibition at McCrary Gallery, Wesleyan College

Heading towards the end of this residency! I just installed 30 Portals and the newest iteration of Footnotes!!


On View: McCrary Gallery,

Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia

November 1 - December 4, 2018

image credit: Frances de la Rosa

image credit: Frances de la Rosa

30 new iterations of  Portals.  The passed two months I have focused a lot of my time on making monoprints using various techniques using relief inks with plexiglas, paper, and the steel disc used to create each Portal.

30 new iterations of Portals. The passed two months I have focused a lot of my time on making monoprints using various techniques using relief inks with plexiglas, paper, and the steel disc used to create each Portal.

Footnotes:  Fictional Archive for the series  Portals

Footnotes: Fictional Archive for the series Portals

Athica: The Golden Record

I will be showing a selection of 28 Portals at Athens Institute of Contemporary Art, in Athens GA at the show The Golden Record. Come by and see it if you are in the area!


Join us on August 18th for the opening reception of The Golden Record: Far Beyond Our Galaxy. Forty-one years after the launch of NASA’s Voyager vessels, ATHICA celebrates the legacy of the Golden Record in an inaugural exhibition at the new location in the Leathers Building. On view from August 18th to October 7th. 

The Golden Record exhibition is inspired by the images and sounds seared into the records affixed to the Voyager spacecraft. The exhibition features works in all media, including sound, video, interactive media, found and handmade materials. It reflects on the beautiful and daft hopefulness of the Golden Records going forth for 40,000 years to the next closest star.

Curated by Brooke Leeton, Rebecca Brantley, Jon Vogt, and Paula Runyon

Featuring works by regional and national artists: Mickey Boyd, Catherine Clements, Matthew Flores, Keaton Fox, Mary Gordon, Gerald Habarth, Katlin Shae, Braden Skelton, Stephanie Sutton, T2R, Robby Toles, Momma Tried, and Harrison D. Walker


Look-See Interview; Portals

Please take a few minutes to listen to this interview that Paige Goodpasture did with me about my show, Portals, at Candela Gallery! I think she did a great job guiding the conversation and asked some really great questions. Thank you Paige for taking the time to do this! Check out the many interviews with some other great artists on their website

"Harrison Walker describes what he does as creating prints and/as objects. In his first solo exhibition at Candela Gallery, he presents his Portals project. In this series, he uses the most basic elements of photography - light, paper, and chemicals - to explore color, chemistry, and psychological perception. Each of Harrison’s striking images are the same in some very important ways - he uses the same 20-inch steel disk in each piece, placed in the same place each time on uniformly sized paper. And yet there is endless variation in the work, which consists so far of over 130 prints. Each of the prints embodies his effort to push the boundaries of what he does not fully understand or control, whether it is the chemical process of making the print itself, the celestial worlds that inspire his work, or the meditative act of looking at the work and the responses it provokes."

The Hand Magazine / Issue #20

Check out the current issue of  The Hand Magazine!  Issue 20 will have a few of my  Footnotes  in one of their early iterations. If you aren't a follower of this publication, you should be!

Check out the current issue of The Hand Magazine! Issue 20 will have a few of my Footnotes in one of their early iterations. If you aren't a follower of this publication, you should be!

Redstone,   Xerox Print

Redstone,   Xerox Print

Between Two Worlds / Transit of Venus,   Xerox Print

Between Two Worlds / Transit of Venus,   Xerox Print

V-2; Test Launch,  Xerox Print

V-2; Test Launch,  Xerox Print

Spotlight Feature: Portals - P H O T O - E M P H A S I S

Thank you Photo-Emphasis for featuring my lastest series, Portals this week. I loved thinking back to the inception of this project while filling out the interview. Check out the feature Here.  Can't wait to see who else pops up on this new publication!


PHOTO–EMPHASIS is a platform for showcasing current and diverse photography made by established and emerging artists. Through weekly features and interviews, we aim to highlight work by photography educators, students, and practitioners; providing an opportunity to feature personal projects and share information about their affiliated institution.

Our mission is to cultivate a resource that aids in promoting photographic art, education, and community, for those committed to and newly joining the medium. 

PHOTO–EMPHASIS was founded by artists Alec Kaus and Rana Young, both University of Nebraska–Lincoln alumni, in June 2017.

Visiting Artist - Fall 2018 - Printmaking - Exhibition - University of Alabama Huntsville


This fall I will be a visiting artist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. While in residence I will be both teaching and making. I will begin printing the edition of the first fifty-nine Portals! I expect to finish roughly 20 Portals PLUS start on some new prints for an upcoming exhibition. Here is a clip of some Portals in progress.


I will have an exhibition early August before I start to teach in late September.  Presence / Absence explores ideas of physical, visual, and psychological feelings of both presence and absence. Using materials as a driving force, I am interested in the abstract forms that emerge when representational images are removed and a focus is shifted towards the actions of light and pressure, two fundamental elements of printmaking.

Artist Talk via Skype on Thursday, August 24, 2017 in the Wilson Hall Gallery on Campus. 


The classes I am teaching are a reduction woodcut, book arts, and screen printing. Check out a few of the finished wood block prints from some of my students. 


The Print Center

The Print Center's 91st Annual International Competition just posted the online portion of their exhibitions. There is some really great work from a huge range of amazing artists. Three shows are currently on view at The Print Center in Philadelphia, PA. You can check out the links to the online portion Here. I was awarded the Society of Photographic Education Award, and also have a few books for sale in store and in their online shop!


I am so excited for the opportunity to show Portals in (almost) its entirety at Corey Daniels Gallery in Wells, Maine!! All but 3 (which are in the UnBound6! Exhibition) will be on view July 1 - 29, 2017.  I cant express how much it feels like the perfect space for this work. Corey is interested in the intersection of art and found objects and shows a wide range of objects, paintings, photographs, and sculpture. 

Mystify Your Senses


This is the last week I will be in Maine for a while. Great timing for one last event with the Workshops. Mystify Your Senses is the annual fundraiser selling works of art from a wide range of artists! See you soon Maine Media!


Art for sale has been generously donated by some of the following creative minds: Jim Abbott • Charles Townsend Adams • Cindy Beams • Richard Blanco • Linnea Brotz • Susan Burnstine • Arduina Caponigro • J.P. Caponigro • Paul Caponigro • Keith Carter • Ashley Craig • Eliot Dudik • Elizabeth Greenberg • Brenton Hamilton • Cig Harvey • Jeannie Hutchins • Connie Imboden • Lynn Karlin • Alec Kaus • Jack Kennedy • Skip Klein • Amy Lowry• Christine Moriello • Arthur Meyerson • Jim Nickelson • Celeste Pelletier • Nina Poole • Peter Ralston • Ni Rong • Craig Stevens • Sal Taylor Kydd • Joyce Tenneson • Erin Tokarz • Harrison Walker • Meg Weston • Lee Anne White • Michael Zide •

Art2017 - Harlow Gallery

I am showing a selection of my most recent series, Portals, at Harlow Gallery in Augusta, ME. Juror: Corey Daniels.

The Harlow Gallery has announced the award-winning artists for Art2017, the 22nd annual juried art show on view May 12  through June 24, 2017. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 12-6pm. Harlow Gallery‘s annual juried show is a tradition that draws artists to Hallowell from all over the state.

This year’s juror is Corey Daniels, curator and owner of the Corey Daniels Gallery in Wells, Maine. The Corey Daniels Gallery exhibits a synthesis of found art and objects with contemporary artwork by emerging and mid-career artists working in diverse practices. Drawn to objects with intrinsically compelling qualities, Corey Daniels collects and presents paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography and utilitarian objects with a refined eye for patina, texture, and form.

Prizes were awarded at the opening reception on Friday, May 12th as follows:

Best in Show and a $500 cash prize sponsored by The Marketplace at Augusta was awarded to Harrison Walker of Rockport for his series entitled “Portals.” Medium: found images and objects, acrylic paint, charcoal, conte crayon, cyanotype, etching ink, film developer, graphite, gum bichromate, liquid light emulsion, lithographic ink, paper, pencil, pigments, sodium carbonate, silver nitrate, tannic acid, van dyke brown, and wax. Corey Daniels wrote, “Harrison Walker’s work is absolutely stunning, from the simplicity of the composition to the depth of the different surfaces Walker manages to coax out of experimental photographic processes. Encountering this series is one of the single-most exciting artistic finds in recent memory.”

Read the full article Here