Visiting Artist - Fall 2018 - Printmaking - Exhibition - University of Alabama Huntsville


This fall I will be a visiting artist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. While in residence I will be both teaching and making. I will begin printing the edition of the first fifty-nine Portals! I expect to finish roughly 20 Portals PLUS start on some new prints for an upcoming exhibition. Here is a clip of some Portals in progress.


I will have an exhibition early August before I start to teach in late September.  Presence / Absence explores ideas of physical, visual, and psychological feelings of both presence and absence. Using materials as a driving force, I am interested in the abstract forms that emerge when representational images are removed and a focus is shifted towards the actions of light and pressure, two fundamental elements of printmaking.

Artist Talk via Skype on Thursday, August 24, 2017 in the Wilson Hall Gallery on Campus. 


The classes I am teaching are a reduction woodcut, book arts, and screen printing. Check out a few of the finished wood block prints from some of my students.