Spotlight Feature: Portals - P H O T O - E M P H A S I S

Thank you Photo-Emphasis for featuring my lastest series, Portals this week. I loved thinking back to the inception of this project while filling out the interview. Check out the feature Here.  Can't wait to see who else pops up on this new publication!


PHOTO–EMPHASIS is a platform for showcasing current and diverse photography made by established and emerging artists. Through weekly features and interviews, we aim to highlight work by photography educators, students, and practitioners; providing an opportunity to feature personal projects and share information about their affiliated institution.

Our mission is to cultivate a resource that aids in promoting photographic art, education, and community, for those committed to and newly joining the medium. 

PHOTO–EMPHASIS was founded by artists Alec Kaus and Rana Young, both University of Nebraska–Lincoln alumni, in June 2017.